Create Your Free Shipping Label

At we aim to reduce the stress of creating shipping labels for your packages and letters.
Our easy to access and FREE shipping label maker can be used from any device that can connect to a home or shared office printer.
Just enter your information (sender information) into the provided fields of the Shipping Label Maker.
Next, complete the Receiver Information of who you plan to send your package to.
Once ready, click the “Create Label” button and select from the label size you’d like to print on.
Its really that easy with

Sender Information

Receiver Information

Package Information (Optional)



Can you create your own shipping label?

Absolutely! you can create your own shipping label without the need of credit cards and/or account setup at We aim to take the hassle out of shipping label creation with our easy-to-use shipping label maker tools. All you need is an internet connection & access to a home or office printer and you can make and print shipment ready labels.

Can I create a shipping label for free?

Shipping Label Maker is a free tool to generate a shipping label for personal use. Other online services attempt to trick you into setting up accounts only to be spammed and billed monthly by them, but our free shipping label maker is always free to use without any tricks or setup. Just enter your sending & receiver information, print and you are ready to ship.

Is it cheaper to make your own shipping label?

if you are running a business—it's almost certainly less expensive to print them yourself. However, even if you ship only here and there for personal use then is great for you! We eliminate the need for remembering and maintaining confusing software that is difficult to navigate and expensive to purchase. In 3 clicks or less you can have shipping labels printed and ready for postage.

Does sell postage with their labels?

Currently we do not, but we are working towards this feature for pro shippers in the near future.  Keep checking back to or sign up for our Newsletter here for the most current updates/news for shipping labels!

Can you print shipping labels with a regular printer, or do I need special paper?

Yes! This is one of the best parts of You do not need to invest into specialized shipping label printers, software, and other difficult items just to create a simple shipping label. If you own a home or office printer, you can print our labels right onto an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper. For those who have specialty printers, we do offer multiple sizes of labels for shipping label template printing, but not required to print a shipping label. You can print your shipping label instantly and tape right onto your postage ready shipment.

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